Hey there!

I’m Victor, a UX/UI designer on a mission to improve human experiences through design.

With a background in IT, I know the value of developing a desirable product, understanding customer needs, and keeping business objectives in mind. Once I learnt more about UX and human-centred design, I knew that I wanted to be part of actively building solutions that would make a meaningful impact on users!

In 2015, I started learning more about Design and freelancing creating websites and helping with user journeys and in 2020 I’m ready to start a new career in UX design. I believe that user experience design is at the perfect intersection of creativity and analysis – while there is so much room for creative expression, I love that UX design focuses on the user and that solutions are based on real, human needs.

I studied UX design through many different resources, such as Udemy, YouTube, coursera and others which has given me a holistic view of the entire UX design process and an appreciation for working on projects from ideation to final product. I have a great interest in visual design, and after completing my UX course, I pursued further education in UI design.

Before diving into UX, I spent some time improving my Graphic Design skills and working remotely, which helped me gain valuable skills in communication, organisation and collaboration that I’ve been able to carry into further remote work and learning spaces.

These days, I spend a lot of time adding to my knowledge of UX and UI processes and concepts by attending events and taking part in challenges, and learning and creating case studies for my UX design journey in my free time.

I concept, design, and deliver products and websites for businesses and individuals. Beyond visuals and user interfaces, I craft user journeys that bring delight to people and solve complicated problems.

I build and activate brands through strategy, emotion, visuals, and creative expression.

I like to make things work better.

Outside of design, I’m a big fan of playing music, growing plants and excercising. If you’d like to work together, I’d love to hear from you!

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