Geometric Sounds website Showcase.

The research done in the website showed that most of the users that visited the website were not reaching the ticket sales page.

The problem

Not enough ticket sales and engagement.

Geometric Sounds strives to connect people and create events. In certain point, they knew it was necessary to bring in help to increase conversions and user retention.

The solution

Website Redesign.

Complete redesign of the website maintaining the visual identity but fixing the issues found in the research.

The Challenges

Finding custom coding solutions for certain problems.

In order to fix a few issues, some coding was necessary, such as CSS, HTML and PHP in order to create a custom and great experience for the person using the website.


Problems in the landscape

  • Purple banner taking the user to an external link.
  • Logo + Website title together.
  • too many menus at the top right.
  • Huge banner that doesn’t show anything but the site logo
  • A phrase that is not aligned and doesn’t explain much about what’s happening.
  • Soundcloud widget with internal problems.

Research. Analisys. Website Redesign.

The new website landpage shows a much cleaner page, with 1 logo in the left standing out and separate from other information. The background has a geometric touch with very clean patterns.

The new menu in the middle with only 6 options makes it easier for an human brain to go through each without problems.

The Outcome

A dramatically increase in tickets sales.

Even through a pandemic, and also the event being postponed every month, the company could measure the sales increasing in at least 80% with the new website. They have a TBC (to be confirmed) event announced and they are still selling a few tickets per week, sometimes per day, which is an incredible statement during a pandemic.