Product Design • Web • User Interface • Brand Identity

Project Overview

Net4Guest is a company that creates platforms to help Hospitality workers to better offer solutions to their guests. The goal is to let the users interact with the Hotel management through the online solutions they created.

My contributions

For this project I was responsible for designing the responsive web page and create the logo for all their products. I was the only designer on this project so I was involved in everything from helping the client with planning all the way to delivering final designs and development of the website.


Net4Guest had a bunch of products without a proper brand, without names. I’ve proposed a few names in order to better deliver the products with a branding in mind. As the Company “Net4Guest” offers products for guests, I’ve mentioned to get the names of the apps using the prefix “guest”. They agreed with the names and we started researching the market to find any conflicts. In the end, they’ve decided to go ahead and create the whole branding.

Logo Design

Having the names in mind, I’d start with the process in getting the right names related to the features and functionality of each product. Once decided I was able to draw and design a specific and meaningful logo for each product.





A system to facilitate the service for guests in Hotels. It provides room service, food menu, promotions, check-out and receipt all-in-one app.

guestmenu is an application to provide a live menu for restaurants with pictures and QRcode as reader for easy check.

guestlog is an application for easy check-in in workplaces, restaurants and other environments in order to register the guests and contact-tracing.

guestcheck-in is a web application that provides an easy way to check-in in the hotels. It’s a web-based app that integrates with the Hotel back-office application.

guestWiFi is a system to control the bandwidth, authentication and WiFi of guests in Hotels and restaurants.

Client feedback

Renato Pardo

CEO @ Net4Guest

“We are very happy with Mazzei’s work and professionalism. Mazzei did an awesome job creating our project. Given only rough guidelines he was able to create a compelling designs that were easily implemented. He was very responsive and was quickly adapting to our changing of focus and deadlines. The end result is a consistent beautiful UX for our website to showcase our applications. We will certainly hire Mazzei again if he is not too busy and we would highly recommend him for your next project/work.

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