Alex Hormozi’s Investment in A Game-Changer in Business Education

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In a move signalling a major shift in the business education landscape, entrepreneur Alex Hormozi has recently invested in, a software platform designed to democratize business education. This investment is poised to be one of his most significant, and here’s why:

1. Sam Ovens’ Unwavering Focus

Sam Ovens, the founder of Skool, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple companies. His latest venture, Skool, has captured his full attention, leading him to walk away from a lucrative mastermind to focus solely on this project. Hormozi admires such dedication, seeing it as a sign of a founder’s commitment and potential for success.

2. The Platform’s Excellence and Market Potential

For decades, higher education institutions have had a monopoly over business education. Skool challenges this by providing a platform for both internal and external educational materials. As more businesses and individuals seek alternatives to traditional education, Skool’s emphasis on community and education makes it a standout product. Hormozi himself has been utilizing it for over a year to run his private CEO community, showcasing its effectiveness.

3. Perfect Alignment with Hormozi’s Brand

Hormozi’s audience largely comprises new entrepreneurs, making Skool an ideal fit. The platform provides these entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to build their audience, launch their offerings, and jumpstart their businesses. This synergy between Skool and Hormozi’s brand enhances the potential impact of this investment.

The Four Big Opportunities:

1. Leveraging Alex’s Free Skool Community

Following the success of his book “100M Leads,” Alex Hormozi has built a substantial following. By creating a free community on Skool for these fans, Hormozi can introduce the platform to potentially hundreds of thousands of new users, significantly expanding its reach and impact.

2. Partnering with Top Creators

Creators often have a loyal fan base that follows them regardless of the platform. If Skool can attract these top creators, it will naturally acquire their followers, enhancing its reputation and user base. This strategy mirrors how brands like Nike collaborate with top athletes to boost their brand appeal.

3. Smooth Transition for Big Creators

Making the switch to Skool seamless for big-name creators is crucial. This approach, similar to ConvertKit’s strategy, involves offering a “free transfer” to ease the transition. If Skool can make this process frictionless, more creators are likely to migrate, bringing their communities with them.

4. Exploring Higher Pricing Strategies

Currently, Skool’s pricing is quite accessible, but there’s an opportunity to increase it, especially for top-tier communities generating significant revenue. By understanding and leveraging its Net Revenue Retention (NRR), Skool can offer more value and justify higher prices, benefiting both the platform and its users.


With Alex Hormozi and Sam Ovens at the helm, is on track to become a unicorn in the SaaS and business education sector. Its focus on community, education, and the new opportunities presented by Hormozi’s investment and strategy make it a platform to watch. The business world is about to go to Skool, and the excitement is palpable.

You can access the program and get to learn from Alex how to start your online business through . There he will explain step by step how you can turn your passion into business to create your own community and monetise it. Have fun creating!

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